My handcarved stamp collection grows and grows…


I realy love to carve stamps out of gum.
For my B’day I got this real nice carving set from Abig

These I made yesterday night when I was watching Lewis on TV.

And this is my big stash now… Not all are in because I gave away some…
But these are in my little suitcase…

I am hosting a handcarved stamp swap on Dutch swappers on swapbot.cpm
It’s only a national swap…sorry…
A great tutorial about how to carve stamps you can find HERE


tutorial owl wedding wreath


I made this wreath for my sisters wedding.
The owls are made with the tutorial from B.D. Designs
I created two owls in marriage style using my husbands old colbert and my old white blouse for the wedding dress…
Than I used flower stapels to attach the owls on the straw-wreath.
I used lavender to this wreath and lavender colored ribbon. I hot glued the printed text that I first cut out and made some sherpes from… The rounding edges will do when you take a pencil and roll it up..
I used a laserprinter and photo paper. Its nice and glacy…stiff enough for this job…
Put some flowers on with hotglue and… Finished!
It took me about a little hour to make this.

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me and the past weeks


In the past weeks a lot have happened
on 26th of september Rolf and I had our 12,5 years anniversary!
We celebrated that with friend and family on the 1 th of october! It was an anwesome party… The weather was GREAT! It looked like summer…


I also heared that my job is stopping because of recession.
So I have to look for another job…
Shame because I loved my job as a youth coach!
I had a few swap these weeks and I’ve got real nice swaps back…

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enjoy with me….


We are now home for a week. Tomorrow I have to go in the office again, but I promised you to share my holiday pictures! Well… here they come!

These awesome colored houses are on Ile d’Óleron!!!!

Me finding shells on the beach…

This is a famous place in La Rochelle…

And this was our place to eat, sleep and hang around…our caravan!!!

These colorfull flags are also from Ile d’Óleron…