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Tutorial owl wreath


I made this wreath for my sisters wedding.
The owls are made with the tutorial from B.D. Designs
I created two owls in marriage style using my husbands old colbert and my old white blouse for the wedding dress…
Than I used flower stapels to attach the owls on the straw-wreath.
I used lavender to this wreath and lavender colored ribbon. I hot glued the printed text that I first cut out and made some sherpes from… The rounding edges will do when you take a pencil and roll it up..
I used a laserprinter and photo paper. Its nice and glacy…stiff enough for this job…
Put some flowers on with hotglue and… Finished!
It took me about a little hour to make this.


New creations….


I recycled my rugby shirt. I did not wear it because it went crowling up. So…. It turned into a sweater for Fien! it’s sooo awesome when she wears it.

I also recycled my old DEPT skirt. It was hard to say goodby to this great wearable skirt, but when wholes are falling in it…So it turned into a bag. I used the reversible bag tutorial by very purple person. I put two inches on the fold, so it went wider
.. Loved it so much that I also made my little sister one for her B’day!

For my vossenjacht swap I made a real dutchy style teacosy… It turned out great I think! i also made other stuff, but that I will show later, but my teacosy I wanted to share with you all.

Knofje blogged about her little bear friends… I could not resist making two cuties!!! There’s a pattern and a great tutorial!!!

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Some great ideas


As I was looking at the WWW. and fore that I use google a lot:-) I came up with some great ideas that I will share with you all.

This cutie you can make yourself with the tutorial you can find at It’s created by Jodi from Pleasant home Aslo a nice blog to take a look!!!!

Splitcoasters has a great tutorial for a handmade giftbox, easy but nice!

At seams of live I found the awesome colored granny afgan that Heather made. It inspires me to make a larger project to crochet!!!!

I loved this one as I saw this!!!! It’s already cut now only have to sew….
Retro romper tutorial at sewing in no mans land



Finally after some troule with blogger i have acces again!!!!
I created a lot last weeks…

Noa’s dress is finished and she was wearing it proudly as prinsess on her b’day!!!
it looked great on her! I also made her a little heart notebook Wanna now how to??? look here
I also made a little bracelet from handmade beans created from paper.

My son had a kids party from a friend. he wanted me to make a special gift for her. he had a great idea: “Mom, make her a toiletry bag.” And so did mom. We created a personalised bag filled with great girly stuff.. Charlotte LOVED the bag!!!! She thanked me the sunday after at sunday school!!! So great to see kids being happy with special made gifts!!!!

Inspired by the awesome work of bykris I created these cuties!!!! The card for the baptising of our friends… and a little notebook for myself…toooo cute to give away sorry!!!!

Aslo received my awesome januari vossenjacht swap!!! THANX Sien

Well next time more creations and new bento stuff!!!!

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neckwarmer tutorial


Tutorial crochet neckwarmer
I started with this tutorial that I found some weeks ago on Ingrid’s blog…

45 losse met haaknaald 4
1ste rij: 45 vasten
2de rij: 5 losse vastzetten om de 5 vasten -tot het eind –
3de rij: 5 losse, vastzetten in het midden van elk boogje
en zo door tot hij lang genoeg is..

chain 45 (hook 4)
first row: 45 single crochet
2d row: chain 5, 1 single crochet every 5sc, till the end
3th row;chain 5,single crochet in the middle, and so on
untill it ’s the lenght you want..

For the neckwarmer I crochet a scarf with these measurments:
52×26 cm or 20”x10 “

I used a crochet needle 4,5

After finishing I chrochet single crochets in the loops. So that’s why a scalloped side comes.
In the middle of the scarf I put a button that fits in the loops…To find the middle you have to fold the scraf lenght wise and pin a needle on the right place.
Easy and quick also great as a present!!!!
Good luck with this….and all credits for the pattern to

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present time


I made this teapotholder with cinnamon for my colleague. It was her b’day and I wanted to make someting for her…
It’s an easy DIY project!
I also made a little tea wallet maching with it…a great tutorial for the wallet is found on Christy’s blog.

teapotholder tutorial

take two pieces of fabric sized as big ( a little larger so it will stand great in the middle)as your teapot.
2 pieces of fiberfill( to put between the fabric) a little smaller as your fabric.
Stich 3 sides of your fabric and leave one side open. Slide in the two pieces of fiberfill (batting) and take out your cinnamon pouder. Put about one or two teaspoons cinnamonpowder between the fiberfill and stich the open side of your fabric.
then stich some lines… I made a little hedgie on this. Then you first have to stich the outlines of the hedgie when you closed all sides of the fabric.
I later painted with fabric paint the brown color on it!
FINISHED is this easy but great gift!!!! I also made this potholder for my swapparner nancy!
Great gift for christmas, birthdays or just ….
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Featured again!


WOW!!!! I was featured again on craftgossip with my pillowcase jumper tutorial!!!!
Such a surprise to see an email in my box…

As promised earlyer… the bread recipe.

625 gram whole wheat flour( 325 gram) and flour 300gram)
400 ml water or milk
15 gr fresh yeast or 12 gram dried yeast
1 teaspoon salt
a dash of oil ( I use walnut oil) or liqued butter

Put the flour in your kitchen machine and add the yeast. When you use fresh yeast first solve it in the milk or water. Best result is when you solve it in handwarm water.
Than add it to the flourmix and keep stirring. than add the salt and keep stirring.
Add the oil or butter and stir.
After that put a little flour on the mix and let the dough rise/swell for 40 minutes under a tea towel that you first made wet.

After 40 minutes mix again the dogh with your machine and repeat the riseing/ swelling part again for 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes stir it once again and take out the dough, roll it over and put it in a loaf tin or cake tin. dash a little flour on top of the bread and let it rise/ swell for 40 minutes under the wet teatowel again.
after that 35 minutes in a prea heated oven at 220°C.
To keep your bread fresh and nice store it in a dry teatowel and you have a great taste on your bread the next day!