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a lot to share


There’s a lot to share at this day… We had some tubulent weeks in the past. My husbands grandmother died 2 weeks ago. She was ill, but it had impact! We are blessed that we know she’s in heaven. She was such a witness of Christ!! even in her last hours!!!!  That’s a comfort for us…

 My own grandmother turned 80 years and we had a surprise party for her!!! Awesome!!! My mom made some coasters with pictures of her on it… When she was 7 years, now and when she was about 18 years old…

Fien turned 6!!! here some pictures of her b’day… Her present was a doll theater!

This was her treat for her class…cupcakes with marshmellowfondant hearts on it and Kawaii style pencills with on top a eraser on it.

Fiens cowl
my cowl

 I found a great tutorial on the internet at lindevrouw.I only made the cowl 60 cm long… Made 4 already!!!! one night crochet….

Emma’s barret

This is my own pattern… I don’t kno how I did it but it turned out cute!!!

Well… a lot of stuff but I hope you enjoyed it …

my latest creations


I made a circle skirt for Emma… Easy with elastick waistband!!! just a little ribcord in gray…

I also received a wonderful swap!!! Owlbunting!!!!

For Daans teacher I made her a little b’day present; lipbalmpouch…simple crochet.

I also created 2 beanbags for the girls…simple drawstrings…

This is my second xmas ornamet swap…I made this for Susan


These tags I made for the xmas tag swap…Inge will receive them soon ion her mailbox

recent bento’s i made for the kids:



Disneyland Paris and…swaps!!!!


The weekend of april1st we where in Disneyland Paris!!!
We had a great time there…Here some of the 900 pictures I took!!!!

This picture is taken by Fien, our youngest DD!! You also can see my infinity scraf that I made out of 4 sleeves of two sweaters! I also made two skirts for the girls of the shirt… Pictures will follow soon!

I made these things for the scavenger hunt for april. I had to use some words and link it to the things I made.

These are the two out of 3 cupcake swaps… the 3th I forgot to take a picture of….
These swaps I received! The scavenger hunt came from Kimminata It’s also her picture I used, she had all things great pictured!!!
This cupcakeswap came from SaschaThis swap I received from Esther

Bowina’s swap I also received and the softie swap from Roosje… But had no time to make pictures yet… next time!!!

New creations….


I recycled my rugby shirt. I did not wear it because it went crowling up. So…. It turned into a sweater for Fien! it’s sooo awesome when she wears it.

I also recycled my old DEPT skirt. It was hard to say goodby to this great wearable skirt, but when wholes are falling in it…So it turned into a bag. I used the reversible bag tutorial by very purple person. I put two inches on the fold, so it went wider
.. Loved it so much that I also made my little sister one for her B’day!

For my vossenjacht swap I made a real dutchy style teacosy… It turned out great I think! i also made other stuff, but that I will show later, but my teacosy I wanted to share with you all.

Knofje blogged about her little bear friends… I could not resist making two cuties!!! There’s a pattern and a great tutorial!!!

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Tip Junkie handmade projects

Finally I can blog again!!!!


Finally my computer is newly installed!!! I had so much troubles on it…
I couldn’t update my blog because of that! But, here I am again.
Last week we had to start up our normal life again after one week of wintersport in Savognin!!! We had a great ski holiday there!

Just before the kids started holidays, they had a project about clothing at school.
Emma created such a beautiful had of paper….AWESOME!!!!

Some creation from the past weeks:



Finally after some troule with blogger i have acces again!!!!
I created a lot last weeks…

Noa’s dress is finished and she was wearing it proudly as prinsess on her b’day!!!
it looked great on her! I also made her a little heart notebook Wanna now how to??? look here
I also made a little bracelet from handmade beans created from paper.

My son had a kids party from a friend. he wanted me to make a special gift for her. he had a great idea: “Mom, make her a toiletry bag.” And so did mom. We created a personalised bag filled with great girly stuff.. Charlotte LOVED the bag!!!! She thanked me the sunday after at sunday school!!! So great to see kids being happy with special made gifts!!!!

Inspired by the awesome work of bykris I created these cuties!!!! The card for the baptising of our friends… and a little notebook for myself…toooo cute to give away sorry!!!!

Aslo received my awesome januari vossenjacht swap!!! THANX Sien

Well next time more creations and new bento stuff!!!!

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Tip Junkie handmade projects

me, my bento’s and other cute things…


Last friday daan and I had the Yummie bento filled with pasta salad!!!! It was really Yummie!

The recepi I found on
I found so much great idea’s there that i printed out all the ones i loved, and bundled them in my own Bento lunches book…The paper are laminated so when you are working on the bento you can easy whipe the pages clean! Also handy for the kids…They love to chose from the book…

Last week I received my swap from my swappartner Roosje… STUNNING!!!! I have received so much and such beautifull stuff in the envelope…THANK YOU!!!!

This is my swap that will be in the mailbox of…. it’s my vossenjacht for January!