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I made this teapotholder with cinnamon for my colleague. It was her b’day and I wanted to make someting for her…
It’s an easy DIY project!
I also made a little tea wallet maching with it…a great tutorial for the wallet is found on Christy’s blog.

teapotholder tutorial

take two pieces of fabric sized as big ( a little larger so it will stand great in the middle)as your teapot.
2 pieces of fiberfill( to put between the fabric) a little smaller as your fabric.
Stich 3 sides of your fabric and leave one side open. Slide in the two pieces of fiberfill (batting) and take out your cinnamon pouder. Put about one or two teaspoons cinnamonpowder between the fiberfill and stich the open side of your fabric.
then stich some lines… I made a little hedgie on this. Then you first have to stich the outlines of the hedgie when you closed all sides of the fabric.
I later painted with fabric paint the brown color on it!
FINISHED is this easy but great gift!!!! I also made this potholder for my swapparner nancy!
Great gift for christmas, birthdays or just ….
I linked this tutorial up here:
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