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a lot to share


There’s a lot to share at this day… We had some tubulent weeks in the past. My husbands grandmother died 2 weeks ago. She was ill, but it had impact! We are blessed that we know she’s in heaven. She was such a witness of Christ!! even in her last hours!!!!  That’s a comfort for us…

 My own grandmother turned 80 years and we had a surprise party for her!!! Awesome!!! My mom made some coasters with pictures of her on it… When she was 7 years, now and when she was about 18 years old…

Fien turned 6!!! here some pictures of her b’day… Her present was a doll theater!

This was her treat for her class…cupcakes with marshmellowfondant hearts on it and Kawaii style pencills with on top a eraser on it.

Fiens cowl
my cowl

 I found a great tutorial on the internet at lindevrouw.I only made the cowl 60 cm long… Made 4 already!!!! one night crochet….

Emma’s barret

This is my own pattern… I don’t kno how I did it but it turned out cute!!!

Well… a lot of stuff but I hope you enjoyed it …

my latest creations


I made a circle skirt for Emma… Easy with elastick waistband!!! just a little ribcord in gray…

I also received a wonderful swap!!! Owlbunting!!!!

For Daans teacher I made her a little b’day present; lipbalmpouch…simple crochet.

I also created 2 beanbags for the girls…simple drawstrings…

This is my second xmas ornamet swap…I made this for Susan


These tags I made for the xmas tag swap…Inge will receive them soon ion her mailbox

recent bento’s i made for the kids:



a lot to share!!


It has been quite a week this week…
I worked a lot and had some great crafting thingss finished!
Last aturday the second hockey field has been opend by Maartje Goderie, the dutch hockey star! The kids had her signature… emma on her hockey stick and daan on his hockey ball! PICTURES not to forget!!!!
Emma and daan were so proud that the took it to school to show! How much are people indicated by football! is this taken at foorball? NO!!!! HOCKEY!!!

I finished the tulip pants for fien… here you can find the tutorial and pattern! AWESOME!The owl I saw at megbud3000 on flikr! I loved it so much I had to mae one on fiens pants!!!!

I finished my cuties for swapbot “Vossenjocht” for october. I had to use the words given in the swap announcement and… I almost used every word! I hope my swap partner will like these cuties!
a red polkadot teapot holder filled with cinnamon and a little hedgie drawn with fabric paint.When you put something warm on it, it will smell the wonderfull smell of cinnamon
A crochet cupcake keyholder.
A Hedgie pin with leaves and little acorns on it. A little purse to storage made from a knittedd old sweater embellished with a crochet flower. it had to be profile based… I did my best!!!!
I also finished the MP4 player holder for Emma! Made from fabric I used for her b’day dress!!!!