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my latest creations


I made a circle skirt for Emma… Easy with elastick waistband!!! just a little ribcord in gray…

I also received a wonderful swap!!! Owlbunting!!!!

For Daans teacher I made her a little b’day present; lipbalmpouch…simple crochet.

I also created 2 beanbags for the girls…simple drawstrings…

This is my second xmas ornamet swap…I made this for Susan


These tags I made for the xmas tag swap…Inge will receive them soon ion her mailbox

recent bento’s i made for the kids:




neckwarmer tutorial


Tutorial crochet neckwarmer
I started with this tutorial that I found some weeks ago on Ingrid’s blog…

45 losse met haaknaald 4
1ste rij: 45 vasten
2de rij: 5 losse vastzetten om de 5 vasten -tot het eind –
3de rij: 5 losse, vastzetten in het midden van elk boogje
en zo door tot hij lang genoeg is..

chain 45 (hook 4)
first row: 45 single crochet
2d row: chain 5, 1 single crochet every 5sc, till the end
3th row;chain 5,single crochet in the middle, and so on
untill it ’s the lenght you want..

For the neckwarmer I crochet a scarf with these measurments:
52×26 cm or 20”x10 “

I used a crochet needle 4,5

After finishing I chrochet single crochets in the loops. So that’s why a scalloped side comes.
In the middle of the scarf I put a button that fits in the loops…To find the middle you have to fold the scraf lenght wise and pin a needle on the right place.
Easy and quick also great as a present!!!!
Good luck with this….and all credits for the pattern to

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