Tutorial soap hanger


I just found out how to make a quick and easy soap hanger.
Nice little gifts for a teacher, mom, friend….mine will be teacher appriciation gifts. The kids will go to school for only 3 more weeks so… Time flies!

Here is what you need:
– nice block of soap (I used marseille soap)
– a rasp; use the small part
– some water
– ribbon, wooden, glass or any kind of beads
– a sillicon mall; I used ice cube makers from Ikea!

Scrap some soap off the blok

Drop a little( really a drop) water to the soap and mold it with your hands until it’s a ball that feels like clay… It has to have that much water in it that you can put it into the mall…press on well and make the surface shiny with water on your finger….

Take the soap out, be carefull it cracks easy!
than make the form shiny with water… It can be bumpy if you did not mold it well enough.

Take a wooden pin and slowly pull it through the soap so you get a hole…
Now you can use you soap beads and create a hanger….Be creative!!!!

I linked this up at:


Over saffiertje

Ik ben 35 jaar, mama van 3 kids en ben altijd bezig met kleding naaien en scrappen. Ik scrap zowel digitaal als met papier... Verslavende hobby!!!! I'm 35 years old, mother of 3 kids love sewing and scrapping.I scrap as well digital as with paper...addicting hobby.


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