Pillowcase jumper tutorial


After thinking out a pillowcase jumper for Fien I made one…

And the result is great!!!! and so thouhgt Fien! I also created a bracelet to her ourfit and she loved it!

And… I tried to make a tutorial…and you can download a printable version!

Pillowcase jumper tutorial

printout version here

Take a good fitting trouser

Fold it leg to leg.

Put it on paper and trace it.

Measure the length of your girl from sholder until between her leggs.

Draw the length that you miss in right length to the top of the trouser and use a bowl to create the armholes. Put it to your trouser pattern on your paper. It will look like this ( see picture) Fold your fabric and put the paper pattern on it. Cut it two times! One for the front and one for the back.

Stich the right and the leftpart on the pink line togehter. Now you create a front and a backside

Close the leggs in the middle. Stich the pink line at both parts so there will be a left and a right part.

Close the sides…

Now your pillowcase jumper will be like a jumper.

Make a tunnel as wide as your ribbon is at the top of the bodice part and stich it nicely.

Then put the ribbon through it with a saftypin.

If you like make a ruffle at the end of the leg.

Et voilà!

I linked this up at:

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  1. What a great outfit!! Love it!

    Thanks for linking up to my Pajama Party! Please join me next week again =)


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