What’s keeping me busy…


This week I am at home. Free from work! Did a lot of creative things!!!This card i made for selma ’s mom she had her b’day!

The kids enjoyed the snow. Together we made a snowman!

Fien loves to dress up with great result!!! LOL!

Monday night we had a lampion walk in Emmen. The lampion parade had 3600 lampions!!! A record is set! Because the record in the guiniss book, was less. Only this won’t be in it, but Emmen did it!!!! There was also a fire spitter! Awesome!!!

And I finished the xmas presents for my sisters…they will receive a handmade card set of 6 cards…vintage shabby look!

<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_0uFXRHlkvjs/SzJ6BA1MPxI/AAAAAAAAJa4/B1cBI also finished my skirt! A perfect xmas skirt for myself!!!! Yes, finally I created someting for myself… I also made a little one for Fien because I had some fabric left…

I love this fabric it is velvet with awesome flowers!!!!

Great news today! Emma may go for her swimming diploma A on January 9th!!! today she got the paper that shows she may go for it!!! We where so proud on her!!!

Made aslo some tilda hearts!!!

For all off you I wish you a blessed christmas! And a great and awesome 2010!!!


Over saffiertje

Ik ben 35 jaar, mama van 3 kids en ben altijd bezig met kleding naaien en scrappen. Ik scrap zowel digitaal als met papier... Verslavende hobby!!!! I'm 35 years old, mother of 3 kids love sewing and scrapping.I scrap as well digital as with paper...addicting hobby.


  1. Hoi,

    Voor jullie ook een fijne feestdagen! Leuke stofcreaties heb je gemaakt.

    Gr uit Rotterdam,

    Kirs x

    p.s. met Olivier zijn CI gaat nog steeds goed, alleen zijn zenuw ws overgeprikkeld dan lager stand genomen (ws zijn zijn zenuwen helemaal wakker geworden, zo noemen ze dat hi).

  2. Hey Miranda
    Dank voor je leuke commentaar…ik vroeg me alleen wel (heel erg eigenlijk) af waar je mij al wel op flickr had ontdekt? Kun je mij t album/adres geven van waar je bedoelt? Alvast bedankt šŸ˜‰
    groetjes desiree

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