Awesome weekend!


Just before the weekend started I found this awesome book at the bookstore!!! Couldn’t resist buying it!!! It so full of inspiration! On the way to my parents I looked it over so much!
We had an awesome weekend! We went to my parents…
First we had a wedding on friday! Than at saturday we went to the winter efteling! That was awesome especially for the kids!!! Grandma had told them already about the efteling… they had never been there. So All the things where new! Emma and fien also went with mom and da in the bobslee ride!!! WHAT A GIRLS!!!! HEAVY!!! Mama didn’t almost dare to go in but… I had to! And Yes we SCREAMED!!!!!

Today we went to my sister and brother in law… They had their birthday! And YES! My tilda doll was welcome!!!! my sister loved the doll and the other presents we bought for them.


Over saffiertje

Ik ben 35 jaar, mama van 3 kids en ben altijd bezig met kleding naaien en scrappen. Ik scrap zowel digitaal als met papier... Verslavende hobby!!!! I'm 35 years old, mother of 3 kids love sewing and scrapping.I scrap as well digital as with paper...addicting hobby.

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